Tissue regeneration

Minimally invasive procedure that is applied in case of tissue deficiency around the tooth or the future implant.

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Tissue regeneration is a modern minimally invasive procedure that we apply in case of tissue deficiency (crown or bone) around the tooth or the future implant.

When is tissue regeneration required?

Connective or bone grafting is a treatment that is used to add tissue where there is not enough. It is often necessary in case of large tissue loss, such as after inflammation or tooth loss, especially if the period before implant placement is too long.

Why is it applied?

The purpose of the procedure is to provide healthier and more stable surrounding soft (crown) and bone tissue and a more favorable prognosis for the implant over the years. This protects the site from future infections and improves aesthetics.

What is the procedure?

In soft tissue, a donor is taken - usually from the patient`s palate - and transplanted as part of a procedure. In the case of tissue bone regeneration, it can be done in one visit, together with the placement of an implant, and in case of larger bone losses - in a separate procedure. It is not associated with the formation of a second wound in the oral cavity, because a donor bone graft (graft) is usually used.

What is the recovery period?

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia for the patient`s comfort.
The recovery period is 7-14 days.
Follow the dentist`s instructions exactly.