The first EO Dent Specialised Bulgarian German Clinic of Implantology and Surgery was opened!

The first EO Dent Specialised Bulgarian German Clinic of Implantology and Surgery was opened in Sofia. The date 11th of November was not chosen at random – this is the date of the commemoration of Saint Martyr Menas, a healer and the patron of families. That way the EO Dent “family” wished itself to give a new beginning for smiles and a better quality of life for its patients.


The warm early evening and the opening ceremony gathered over 600 people. And three tenors, located on the second floor of the 8-floor, state-of-the-art building, made the building ring with their aria. So the opening ceremony began before the eyes of a number of celebrities, including Tatyana Lolova, Martina Vachkova, Yordan Yovchev, Natalia Simeonova, Azis, Alisia, Mary and Miro of „ Boys Band ”, Dandy, Mira Dobreva, Nedelya Shtonova, business persons, politicians and many others.

A change has also begun for those who agree to meet somewhere – – „the Hemus Hotel“ and „City Center “ вin Sofia are now located opposite the building of EO Dent First Specialised Bulgarian German Clinic of Implantology and Surgery.

And it is really built in compliance with the German standard and equipped with state of the art devices. A floor for surgery, a floor with 4 surgical units, a floor for relaxation procedures, preventive care and motivation. On the top floor there is a dental medicine museum. There you can see a dental chair from 1962, as well as instruments from various stages of dental medicine.

In the subterranean floor there is a “hidden” studio for photographing the design of each patient’s smile. The conference room and the training centre are created for the same single goal – constant improvement and professional growth in the name of the patients.

The equipment is state of the art – lasers, the newest model sterilisation, dental chairs placed on special antibacterial surface.

The opening ceremony ended with a spectacular show of the “rubber” woman – Sirma Dobreva, with performance which was performed for the first time in the world – acrobatics on building fa?ades. Accompanied by spotlights, music, fireworks and the wild ovations of the guests.

The doctors Veneta and Valentin Pavlov, owners of the clinic, said that for them this is a dream come true. We will add – this is yet another dream achieved thanks to the efforts of the entire team for the benefit of the patients. The guests included an elderly man, modestly clothed – probably a patient of the clinic. He was looking carefully at the equipment and the interior and read out loud a sign – on the glass wall – „“Take a firm bite of life with your dental implants!”“.

„‘Yes, they are very strong! I say that based on personal experience,’“ – was his brief commentary.

In fact, the first EO Dent Specialised Bulgarian German Clinic of Implantology and Surgery is a dream come true for the Bulgarian patients and their dental health.