Digital analysis of the bite -T-Scan

What is a T-Scan?

T-Scan, the only clinically recognized and validated digital occlusion analysis system in dentistry. T-Scan provides dynamic occlusion measurement - revealing the levels and time of pressure on the individual tooth and the occlusal stability of the overall bite.

With T-Scan we can visualize the destructive forces in the future to get better results in patients with impaired movements and loads in the bite.

T-Scan "revives" paper marking, revealing the dynamics of the bite force in real time. The articulation paper shows where the contact was made, but not when and with what force. This is the only technology that shows the measurement of the strength and time of the two converging occlusal surfaces. The animated graphic of the closing bite, presented frame by frame, allows specialists to identify problematic contact, which can destroy dental correction or lead to pain, sensitivity and more.

All this with the innovative system comes together to prevent shaking of the prosthesis, balancing in orthodontics by monitoring the occlusion in orthodontic treatment, to protect crowns, bridges and veneers from excessive pressure and to ensure that implants do not load in the early stages after placement.

Digital occlusion
analysis using T-Scan