Bone replacement

At EC Dent we use bone augmentation protocols that lead to guaranteed osteosynthesis within three months.

What is the procedure?

In case your doctor considers that there is a significant loss of bone in the area where the implant will be placed, you will be offered a procedure for bone augmentation / guided bone regeneration (restoration of bone volume), which is carried out through the application of various bone substitutes (bone substitutes), incl. pieces of your own bone could also be used.

If such a procedure is not performed, in some cases the placement of an implant will become impossible, and in others it would lead to a poor aesthetic result or its loss.

Your doctor will decide if the bone augmentation will be performed with or without concomitant implant placement.

- In our clinic we use high class products from established manufacturers guaranteeing success and predictability of the result

- In our clinic we use protocols for bone augmentation, which lead to guaranteed osteosynthesis (formation of new living bone substance) within 3 months. Then your implant can be "loaded", ie. have a crown or implant placed in case your doctor has decided to delay the implant placement.

Bone augmentation in immediately placed implants in an extraction pocket.
Your doctor may suggest that you place an implant and load it (place a crown) immediately after removing your tooth. The long-term success of this procedure depends on many factors and last but not least on the addition of bone replacement and bone augmentation.